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I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve and his staff for their compassion and efficiency in handling my father's arrangements. You made a tough and potentially complicated situation very easy for our family and I will be forever grateful.

When a loved one passes unexpectedly, it is devastating to the family. Being new to the area, we did not know anything about the local facilities. I am so very happy we chose McMillan -Small and in particular, received the outstanding service of Robert Borning. Robert is a consummate professional but more importantly, his kindness and understanding made this difficult time so much more bearable. Thank you Robert for everything you did to diminish our pain. We will always be grateful for your compassion and will definitely be letting others know what a wonderful facility you are associated with.

I wanted to say a special thankyou to the McMillan-Small Funeral Home. I am not from the area and I felt at ease with talking to Tom about funeral arrangements. It was very hard to make phone calls regarding funeral arrangements. Tom is definitely the person to talk to. Thankyou Cindy for putting together a slide show of my Dad's life. She did an amazing job. Miller was also very helpful. I would highly recommend McMillan-Small Funeral Home.

This past March I unfortunately lost my dear husband while we were vacationing in North Myrtle Beach. My husband suffered from many complications after having a massive heart attack. Not knowing any connection with funeral homes etc the gentleman from Hospice advised me to choose McMillan-Small Funeral Home. I'm so glad I did. Dealing with grieving and being out of state, Bob and Arthur from McMillan-Small helped me and my sister go through the process of taking care of my husband's cremation. I couldn't ask for better assistance. They were very sympathetic and helped guide us through this process. I will forever be thankful for their compassion.

I know to some that the loss of a pet does not measure up to the loss of a human loved one. However, the way the cremation was handled for my beloved grandcat, Ceasar, by the entire staff at McMillan-Small funeral home and crematory was superb. From the pre-arrangements with the owner, Steve, to the reception received from Millie and the handling of the cremation from beginning to end by Arthur, I couldn't have been more pleased. They made dealing with a sad situation bearable. Thank you!

"My husband died very unexpectedly. We had no pre-arranged services. I made an appointment with McMillan-Small and met with John Coble. John was so caring, patient, and helpful. He made a very difficult task much easier. The service was lovely, just what I wanted. I received so many compliments on the service, the rooms we used, and all the McMullan-Small staff. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, McMillan-Small; I am so appreciative for the wonderful Celebration of Life at McMillan-Small. God Bless!"

Trisha Ludwig

We cannot say enough about John Coble. He just went "over the top" in helping us with the planning of both our parents over the last year. John stepped up to the plate and took over helping us through the process of paperwork and internment. He had experience with families of the Jewish faith and knew exactly what to do as far as contacting the Rabbi and traditional procedure we needed to take care of. The process went so smoothly and all of the burden was lifted from our shoulders. I would not hesitate to refer John and McMillan-Small to anyone. They are the best you can ask for.

The Cherkas, Meaders and Orlowsky families.

In our times of sorrow, it was so comforting to have the wonderful staff at MSFH to rely on. Our family has used them for my uncle, grandmother, and my mother and each time I knew that we were well taken care of. All of our wishes were met and every service was conducted with class and precision. The staff is so understanding and Lee has become a close friend to our family. Thank you for your special gift of compassion to our family during our loved ones' final journeys Home.

Daughter and granddaughter, Myrtle Beach native family, Myrtle Beach

I would like to Thank John and Bill for all the professional and wonderful help to our family. They went above and beyond and are still helping and I am ever so grateful. Thank you, Dory

McMillan-Small Funeral Home Staff are the most professional and caring people along the entire Grand Strand. The make you feel like you are family. Their honesty and compassion is why they are second to none!! When you need someone to care for your family call them they will take care of every detail!

John Coble is an exemplary individual. He was so helpful in our decision process, giving us options I didn.t know where available. He made the whole process very stress free. His caring and professionalism were stellar. Also the staff at McMillan-Small were very professional, offering help whenever possible. I will reccomend McMillan-Small in the future. Thank You all for your kindness in my family's time of need.

John and staff helped me with the planning of both my parents services. They really listen to what you want, and both services came out exactly how we wanted. John was very compassionate and made the planning process non stressful. I would recommend this funeral home to anyone.

My mom's visitation was one of the prettiest I have ever seen. I so much appreciated your home and being able to have mom there. Your staff is exceptional and your special touches are so nice. Those are rare in today's world.

My 13 year old golden retriever was layed to rest yesterday. We had last minute arrangements with McMillan and Smalls to pick up our sweet boy from the vets. We were impressed with the fact that they were there waiting for him and left the parking lot taking him before we left. Our sweet boy deserved the first class service he got. I am so thankful for McMillan and Smalls treating our sweet boy just like any human. I thank god there are still great people in this world who care for animals like i do. I appreciate all you have done for my family with the death of my grandmother and her cat and our sweet boy. You all are a true god sent. Thanks for caring.

I Was very pleased with the services that my family and I received at the funeral of my dad.. They went above and beyond with helping us plan the service we wanted for our daddy.. They maintained professionalism but made you feel like they truly cared. We are Native American Indian and they allowed us to have the room filled with Native American items to make it special. This has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I am grateful to Mcmillan and Smalls funeral home for making it go smooth.. God bless you all. Penny Reyes daughter of Robert Keith Chavis

I forgot to mention in my earlier post a special thanks to Steve Mcmillan SR, and Brad..you guys are special people..family of Robert Keith Chavis

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Testimonials | McMillan-Small Funeral Home & Crematory | Myrtle Beach SC funeral home and cremation Mullins SC funeral home and cremation (2024)
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