St. Clair County Sheriff's Office - Jail (2024)

Phone Calls:

Detainees/Inmates will have regular access to the inmate phone system provided in the dayroom which is accessed with a personal identification number assigned during intake. These telephones are available under normal circ*mstances according to individual dayroom schedules. Use of the telephone may be restricted as operationally necessary for safety and security purposes. Phones will not be turned on and tablets will not be passed out until any transports for the day have arrived at their destination, therefore the times will vary. Calls on these phones are for outgoing calls through the use of your commissary account funds. Credit card calls, time and charge calls, and third number calls are not possible.

The detainee/inmate phone system permits non-citizens to contact a Consulate or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement free of charge. The system also permits free calls to local Public Defender’s Offices and the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Hotline.

Video Visitation:

Video Visitation is available through the dayroom kiosk or tablets. There is a fee that applies for each video visitation. All visits are monitored and recorded. Inappropriate behavior by you or the other party will result in the suspension of video visits and may result in discipline.

In Person Visitation:

The St. Clair County Jail does not generally allow in-person visits other than privileged visits. Privileged visits are those visits by an attorney, law enforcement, prosecutor, etc.

You are entitled to see and contact your attorney while you are incarcerated. In addition to an in-person visit, contact with your attorney can be accomplished in other ways (fees may apply).

1. You may use the telephone available in the dayroom.

2. You may send an email or text through the kiosk in the dayroom or tablet.

3. You may write a letter and send it to your attorney through the U.S. Mail.

4. You may use a video call through the kiosk in the dayroom or tablet.

Although in-person attorney visitation is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, most are normally conducted Monday-Friday from 0900 to 1200 or 1300 to 1600 hours. Times other than this are subject to delays due to other scheduled operations of the facility. All visitations at any time may be cancelled, delayed or interrupted at specific times for security or facility operational needs. Pre-arrangements are to be made at least 24 hours in advance by the attorney (exceptions may be made for extenuating circ*mstances). To schedule a visit, they must call 417-646-7704.

No visitor may record or photograph the visitation area, an inmate, staff member or any part thereof.

There is no right of privacy during non-attorney visits. Those visitation periods are recorded and may be monitored.

If any conduct or behavior issues arise during an in-person visit, those actions can be used as the basis for terminating a visit. Visitors and detainees/inmates are expected to behave in a manner that is decent and non-offensive to others.

Visitors and detainees/inmates may not tamper with telephone equipment, computer equipment, glass, or building fixtures in the attorney visitation booth.

Visits between detainees/inmates are not permitted. The Jail Administrator or his/her designee may approve special exceptions based on extenuating circ*mstances.

Any visitation exception requests (submit under “Other”) are evaluated case by case based on the need and extenuating circ*mstances. Approval will be made only by the Jail Administrator or designee.

Family/Friends may come to the St. Clair County Jail for free video visits. There is a room designated for this purpose. An appointment is needed prior to use. The above rules apply.


Cash: Money may be placed on an inmates account for commissary purposes by using the Kiosk machine located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. The Kiosk will accept credit/debit cards and cash.

Website: Money may be placed on an inmates account by going to

There is a $200.00 limit per credit card deposit and a limit of $1000 per rolling 10 days. There is a charge from Turnkey of approximately $9 each time a deposit is made. (Example: if you deposit $10 to someone's account, they will only receive $1 to use.)


Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday, generally during the 0800-hour (day) shift. All incoming mail is checked for contraband by detention staff.

Professional mail and legal/governmental correspondence, is accepted to the facility without request for exception. Legal mail from private/non-legal sources may be accepted with approval of a Mail Request, but is not privileged communication. Privileged mail is: correspondence received from your attorney of record, including their staff; officers of the court; officials of the confining authority; administrators of the grievance system; members of paroling authority, including probation; consulates; and, elected officials. For mail to be treated as privileged requires the envelope to be clearly labeled or designated as “Legal Mail”, “Confidential”, or “Privileged” with the sender’s name and full address displayed. Privileged mail will be opened and examined, in your presence, for contraband. Should it contain non-legal material (s), it will be considered contraband and placed in your property. Privileged mail will not be read by detention staff members. Non-legal/non-governmental correspondence is accepted in the form of postcards. This practice provides a safer, contraband-free environment for both detainees/inmates and detention staff. All postcards not meeting the standards listed below will be returned to sender.

Postcard requirements are as follows:

· Postcards may be no larger than 4.25 inches by 6 inches and must be properly addressed; must contain the sender’s name/return address and the detainee/inmate’s name (and preferably) cell assignment in addition to the St. Clair County Jail address listed above in Outgoing Mail.

· The postcards will be photocopied by the detention staff and you will receive the photocopy. The original mail will be held for seven (7) days. You may file a request to keep the original piece of mail, if you desire, and it will be placed in your property. Your request must give specifics of what piece of mail you desire to be kept. If no request is received, the original mail will be destroyed after the seven (7)-day period.

Exceptions to the postcard requirement must be made by submission of a Mail Request and include the sender’s full name and address and specify the exception and facts for consideration. All exceptions require prior approval of the Jail Administrator or designee. Items identified as not meeting the standards or containing unapproved items, will be placed in your property. The sender of rejected mail, either returned to sender or placed in your property, will be notified in writing. Mail received under an exception will be photocopied by detention staff and you will receive the photo copy. The original mail will be held for seven (7) days. You may file a request to keep the original piece of mail, if you desire, and it will be placed in your property. Your request must give specifics of what piece of mail you desire to be kept. If no request is received, the original mail will be destroyed after the seven (7-day period.

Money orders, personal checks/cash for commissary deposit are not accepted through the mail.

No packages will be accepted; instead, they will be refused and returned to the sender. This also applies to Christmas or Birthday packages.

Mail received for detainees/inmates who have been released from custody or transferred, will be returned to sender.

Any incoming mail containing items of contraband will be returned to sender, or placed in the detainee/inmate’s property, provided it is not of unlawful nature. Any incoming mail containing contraband of an unlawful nature will be confiscated and held as evidence.

Incoming mail will not be accepted without a name and return address. Mail containing stickers, adhesive labels, watermarks, stains, lipstick, incomplete address, and/or any other suspected alteration/adulteration will be returned to sender.

Mail that needs prior approval before it will be accepted:

· Mail from detainees/inmates in other institutions (jails, DOCs, FBOPs, Detention Centers).

· Mail containing items other than written/typed correspondence (i.e., photos/property).

Newspapers, magazines, books, pictures, clothing, or packages of any kind will not be accepted without prior approval from the Jail Administrator and must come from the original commercial source (except photos).


Other information can be found in the inmate handbook


St. Clair County Sheriff's Office - Jail (2024)
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