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The Yankee Capts is available for private charters of any style. Whether you are interested in a two, three or four day trip, accommodating a small group of close friends or a large group of clients, the Yankee Capts can put together a fishing trip that is just right for you and your guests. Fishing for groupers and snappers in the famous Dry Tortugas and far offshore areas like Pulley Ridge, whatever your pleasure, the Yankee Capts is ready. These private trips are a great idea for small family get-togethers or extended-family reunions, and for rewarding valuable employees for their hard work. From beginners to avid anglers, grandkids to grandparents, men and women alike, a great fishing trip will create lasting memories for everyone aboard.

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Forget the days of crowded rails and less than pleasant fishing companions. The 100-foot Yankee Capts will afford you plenty of space to fish your bait, heckle your friend, or simply relax. These trips brings it together like never before. How? Prior to the trip, you canhave a pre-trip consultation with Capt Greg where you will go over what specifically you would like to target on your trip, and in what order. Greg will then put together a custom-made fishing plan, using their experience of the areas as well as the seasonal conditions. 24 hours a day there is a captain at work for you. The Yankee Capts has NMFS fishing permits that allow usfish in waters not available to other charter boat operations. We also have the ability to offer you federal catch limits not available to other operations. Down on deck, the best crew in the business is standing by to take care of you. From helping with tackle to a giving a few pointers on how to fool the wary mutton or grouper, they are ready to help. Never before has a charter-type trip been available on a boat with size and capabilities of the Yankee Capts.

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Due to the fluctuating costs of fuel and other operating expenses, Private Charter rates are subject to change at anytime. The rates listed below are active and effective through 2023.

NEW POLICY: Much like in a restaurant, our mates work on a certain base pay and rely primarily on their tips to make a living wage. The mates work extremely hard to make your trip enjoyable and gratuity is customary in this service industry. The Yankee Capts has modified our previous policies and, as with a large party when you eat at a restaurant, large groups and private charters will now be subject to a mandatory 20% gratuity (based on the either the flat rate or the per person rate, whichever is greater). Gratuity will be invoiced separately to the head of the charter and it is your responsibility as charter master to notify your guests of this fee and collect from them accordingly. Gratuity invoices not paid by one week prior to departure will result in the cancellation of the trip without the return of the deposit. (If you have been offered a password protected charter and anglers have bought an individual seat, tip can included in fare collected online.)

Dry Tortugas Fishing
Perfect for those looking for a quick getaway to world-class fishing. Our catch is mainly snapper and grouper including Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Red Grouper, Black Grouper, King Mackerel and other native andmigratory species. Departs at 10pm.

3 Day Tortugas Marathon: $1075 per person or $21,500, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 33 anglers
4 Day Tortugas Marathon: $1155 per person or $23,100, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 33 anglers (Tortugas Charter Min flat rates are all based on 20 anglers)

Pulley Ridge
This is a combo trip that focus mostly on deep drops during the day and mutton/tuna fishing at night. You can expect blue-line tilefish, golden tilefish, snowy grouper, yellow-edge grouper, warsaw grouper, queen snapper,black-belly rosefish and up to another dozen species. On previous trips we caught up to 24 different types of fish. You can expect up to 28 hours of deep drop fishing plus up to 12 hours fishing on top of Pulley Ridge formuttons, tunas and blackfin snappers.During the day we will be deep dropping up to 900 feet. At night we will drifting. The second day we will be deep dropping from morning to sunset. We will steam home at night andhave you back at the dock on the morning of the third day. For these deep dropping trips, you are required to bring all your own gear. Departs at 6pm
Pulley Ridge Lite
Focus in waters in the 300-400 ft range (conditions permitting), making electric reels unnecessary. As in the deepwater Pulley trips, long drifts over productive bottom will be the mainstay of the trip. In addition to drifting baits along the bottom, the shoal water fishery offers deep jigging. The fish on the western ridge respond very well to vertical jigging, with anglers commonly catching red grouper, scamp grouper, blackfin snapper, hambone snapper, mutton snapper, black grouper, yellowfin grouper, and much more all on deep jigs during the day time.After dark, the fishing continues in a similar fashion. Anglers typically switch to drifting with bait on the bottom for continued action on grouper and snapper. Those that wish to keep jigging can expect action with blackfin tuna through the night. This trip is sure to be a jig fisherman delight. Departs at 6pm

4 Day Pulley Ridge or Pulley Ridge Lite: $1245 per person or $22,410, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 20 anglers
5 Day Iron Man: $1305 per person or $23,490, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 20 anglers
(Charter Min flat rates are all based on 18 anglers)

Halfway Ledge
Halfway Ledge is a stretch of broken bottom, approximately 25 miles beyond the DryTortugas. Afterdriving over this area extensively and makinga few exploratory drops along this ridge, this spot has proven to havean excellent showing of blackand scamp grouper, large yellow-eye and mutton snapper in roughly 200-400 feet of water. Departs at 6pm.

4 Day Halfway Ledge/ 40 Fathom Special: $1205 per person or $21,690, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 26 anglers
4 Day Halfway Ledge ~or~ Pulley Ridge Lite~or~COMBO: $1245 per person or $22,410, whichever is greater based in final headcount MAX 26 anglers

(Charter Min flat rates are all based on 18 anglers)

The below booking policies apply to ALL private charters..

1) All booking will go through the office. Private charters will no longer be booked through Greg, even if you are personally acquainted with him.

2) All charter date requests and correspondence should be submitted to Alana in writing, this way all conversations are recorded and can be easily tracked.

3) All charter rates will be uniform. Special rates from previously grandfathered deals are unfortunately a thing of the past.

4) All private charters require a SIGNED contract and a non refundable 50% deposit up front in order to guarantee your date.

4a) All private charters will require final payment in full via PAID INVOICE ten days before departure. Invoices will be sent 15 days prior to departure, or earlier upon request.

5) Returning Charter Heads who have successfully worked with us before may be offered to utilize our passworded booking system. In booking this way, 75% of your anglers MUST BE BOOKED by at least 90 days before departure. First time Charters will not be afforded to book this way and must refer back to item 4/4a.

5a) A signed contract will still be required to book your trip with a designated link and a password. If you do not sell your minimum number of seats by 90 days prior to departure, you are responsible for paying the balance of your quoted charter, or the Yankee Capts reserves the right to either cancel your private trip or open the remaining seats up to public sale.

While we realize that these rates are substantially different from previous years, so too is the economy in which we all live these days. The cost of a private charter must be drafted as if privacy is a luxury, and the commodity of fishing with an exclusive collection of anglers must be accounted for in the overall cost of your excursion. We work very hard to keep our trips as affordable as possible, and in this ever-changing climate, it’s important that we maintain a uniform rate schedule to ensure that we are able to sustain in to the future as this field evolves.
Private  Charters | YankeeCapts (2024)
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