Masterbuilt 560 Problems: 4 Common Problems and Solutions (2024)

The finest set-it-and-forget barbecue grill or smoker is the Masterbuilt 560. Simply fill with charcoal, lit, adjust the temperature on the control panel, and cook. It’s truly that simple! But coming across some common problems isn’t unlikely.

So, what are the common masterbuilt 560 problems?

The most common problems include having controller problems. Fan not properly can cause malfunctions. Furthermore, slower heating due to less charcoal, fan not working. Lastly, wifi malfunction is a very common problem seen in this kind of smoker.

These are only a few basic thoughts. Look through our article; we’ve covered 4 frequent concerns and their remedies.

If this piques your interest, continue to read!

Identifying Masterbuilt 560 Problems

This masterbuilt 560 just like its name has 560 square inches of cooking space. This also provides the option of using fuel or a wood stove. Includes a motorized fan for precise temperature control.

However, problems with masterbuilt 560 can be quite troublesome in certain situations.

This Gravity Model 560 isn’t without flaws as well.

So knowing masterbuilt 560 troubleshooting is important. It isn’t as economical as other pellet burners or other gas grills. Some of the best grill smokers in the markets consume additional briquettes.

The 560 cannot be used in the rain because it is not waterproof. Overall, this charcoal cooker is reasonably priced, competent, and handy.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common masterbuilt 560 problems.

Problem 1: Controller Not Turning On

The power may be turned off if your masterbuilt isn’t working. There could be many reasons.

But the main cause behind your smoker not working is it not receiving any power.

Or you just don’t know how to turn your smoker on. So be sure you know how to start masterbuilt 560.

If not plugged in, the masterbuilt 560 won’t turn on.

This might be an issue due to the power supply or wiring problem. This has occurred in certain circ*mstances.

The fuse box had fallen. Perhaps your power supply is enough, but the flow is insufficient. This can also result in the fuse blowing.

Finally, the controller failed. If we can discover a solution to fix or address these concerns, our problem will be solved.


  1. In the first step, we can determine whether or not our controller is operational. Press the power button on the controller. This is an easy problem to tackle. All you have to do is find the power button and press it to reset it.
  1. Secondly, plug the controller into the power supply and the power cable to a wall outlet. It should fully clean the flow meter. If not cleaned it can also turn smoked meat black. This should remove any flow detection barriers that function normally.
  1. Thirdly, check the wall outlet’s circuit breaker and reset it if it has broken. This balances the electricity supply in such a manner that your smoker can work.

If you continue to have issues with powering on, feel free to contact Masterbuilt Customer Service.

Problem 2: Fan Doesn’t Turn On

Facing masterbuilt 560 fan problems can be quite frustrating. The fan doesn’t work if the temperature in the limited reaches a specified value.

When the temperature gets more than is needed at that time the fan stops working.

Another reason for your masterbuilt fan to not work is if the ash door is open. If the fan somehow works even ash will be all over the place. Surely you don’t want that.

The fan will also not work if it is detached from the wire harness. This is a crucial part. So give your masterbuilt 560 wiring diagram a check.

Lastly, it’s a very common problem if the lid switch on hoppers gets deactivated. By getting deactivated, we mean the switch might get deactivated on its own.


If your fan turns off once the heat is attained then the solution is simple.

So when the temperature falls again from the preset level, the fan will restart. The fan will continue to automatically adjust itself to the stove.

Here you can try keeping the temperature set. When you keep fluctuating from low to high and vice versa. The masterbuilt can malfunction and result in the fan not working.

Last but not the least, keep the doors closed. The switches get activated, letting the fan resume normal functioning.

You may also check out some masterbuilt 560 mods. Some are amazing. Consider consulting with professionals or replacing the fan.

Problem 3: Heating Gets Slower

If slides are not being cleared, an ulterior object may be stuck in the shutdown slide. So give it a check.

Masterbuilt is operated by charcoal. It’s one of its key features.

So if charcoal is limited use them wisely. Due to limited charcoal, heating can get slower and cause disruption in your cooking.

Again, If the grill lid is raised up, the stove won’t be able to heat properly. This means the heating will get slower.

Finally, the fan helps distribute the heat equally. So if the fan is turned off, the heating will be lower.


Firstly, make sure to take out the shutdown slides. See for any objects blocking it. It’s also important for you to know how to clean masterbuilt 560.

Secondly, fill the hopper with charcoal. No charcoal means no cooking is possible. This master built eats up a lot of charcoal.

Lastly, see if the fan is turned on or not. These steps may help you fix your problem.

Problem 4: Wi-fi Malfunctions

It is common to face masterbuilt 560 wifi problems. Getting weak signals on the antennas can be a problem. You may also see that your masterbuilt 560 won’t connect to wifi.


Try moving the antennas and fix the issue. If the problem persists, contact an expert.

Fortunately, with your master-built 560, you can finally solve them with these steps.


In the Masterbuilt 560, how can I cook with wood chunks?

Add 1-2 pieces (no bigger than your hand) directly to the ash bin to start the fire. This will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

When I’m finished cooking, how do I turn off my grill?

Close all of the lids. Hold down the Power button until the grill turns off. The two sides will be utilized to extinguish the flames.

Is it okay to keep the hopper cover open when cooking?

No, if the lid is left open, flames will spread upward. It can be very risky for the user and it’s also inefficient.


That’s all we have on masterbuilt 560 problems. We hope our article was useful in resolving your issue! If you require any more assistance, please contact an expert.

But always remember to prioritize your safety over anything.

Take care of yourself and see you later!

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Masterbuilt 560 Problems: 4 Common Problems and Solutions (2024)
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