Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (2024)


  • Take a tasting tour through Korcula's famous Lumbarda vineyards
  • Cycle among the olive groves and lavender fields of Hvar
  • Explore the saltwater lakes and unspoiled forests of Mljet National Park
  • Discover the sea caves and golden beaches around Vis by speedboat
  • Savor Croatian specialties like soparnik pie on a flavorful food tour of Split

Brief Itinerary

Day 1Arrive in Dubrovnik, Free TimeDubrovnik
Day 2Dubrovnik Walking Tour, Cable Car to Mount SrđDubrovnik
Day 3Ferry to Korčula, Lumbarda Wine Tour & Konoba DinnerKorčula
Day 4Full-Day Guided Mljet National Park TourKorčula
Day 5Ferry to Hvar, Scenic Island Cycling TourHvar
Day 6Sail to Vis, Half-Day Speedboat ExcursionVis
Day 7Vis Island Discovery TourVis
Day 8Ferry to Split, Afternoon Croatian Food TourSplit
Day 9Full-Day Brač Island TourSplit
Day 10Depart Split

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Dubrovnik, Free Time

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (1)

Welcome to Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic." This Croatian coastal destination is one of the most ancient fortress cities in Europe. Robust city walls enclose its UNESCO-listed Old Town, and within, you'll find well-preserved Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures, including the City Walls and Sponza Palace. A private driver will meet you at the airport for your transfer to your hotel in the city. Check in and refresh, then venture out to explore.

Take some time to admire Dubrovnik's 16th-century stone walls, including the Minceta and Revelin fortresses,and stroll along the marble-paved Stradun (the city's main street) to get your bearings. At the end of the day, venture out to Buza Bar—a special spot on the water's edge located just outside the city walls. It's the perfect place to enjoy a co*cktail while taking in the Adriatic sunset.

Day 2: Dubrovnik Walking Tour, Cable Car to Mount Srđ

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (2)

Meet your private guide today for a two-hour Old Town tour. You'll enter through the 16th-century Pile Gate to uncover centuries of history, from local life and legends to the importance Dubrovnik once held as a powerful city-republic. Visit Onofrio's Fountain, the 15th-century Rector's Palace, Luza Square, the Church of St. Blaise (St. Vlaho), and the café-lined cobblestones of Brsalje Street. After, you'll head for Lovrijenac Fortress and the city's impressive defensive walls. These imposing structures rise 75 feet (23 m) high in certain places, offering excellent vantage points for photos.

After the tour, venture up Mount Srđ, the 1,352-foot (412 m) mountain that rises above the city. You can either hike to the summit or head toward Ploče Gate and take the cable car. Watch the city get smaller as you ascend the rocky mountain. Once at the top, take time to enjoy the incredible views: the medieval walled town of Dubrovnik, the vast Adriatic Sea, and the islands that dot the horizon. Locals claim that on a clear day, you can see as far as 37 miles (67 km) away. It's best to time your visit to align with sunset, and you can even stay for dinner at the stunning Panorama Restaurant.

Day 3: Ferry to Korčula, Lumbarda Wine Tour & Konoba Dinner

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (3)

Venture down to the port today and catch a scenic two-hour catamaran ferry to the island of Korčula. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches, Korčula's character is defined by a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a relaxed Mediterranean way of life. One of the island's claims to fame is Marco Polo, the famous explorer who was born here. On arrival, meet your guide for a private half-day wine-tasting tour across the Lumbarda region on Korčula's southeastern tip.

En route, you'll pass through fields, villages, and wineries, with sweeping views toward the Adriatic and the Pelješac peninsula. Beyond its beautiful beaches and centuries-old winemaking traditions, Lumbarda is home to grk, a top Croatian white grape variety. Visit a family-run winery to learn about the indigenous grape, which thrives in the region's sandy soil, as well as plavac male, a red grape grown across southern Dalmatia. Following the tasting, enjoy dinner at a local konoba (tavern) with a view of the setting sun. Finally, return to Korčula Town and check into your hotel.

Day 4: Full-Day Guided Mljet National Park Tour

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (4)

You're off to different shores today as you embark on a day trip to the nearby gem of Mljet Island. Watch the Adriatic Sea sparkle beneath the sun as your 30-minute ferry glides toward the dense pine forests, vibrant meadows, ancient history, and azure waters that make Mljet famous. Over one-third of the island is a protected national park, and you'll explore the highlights on a private guided tour and then enjoy free time to hike or swim.

Together with a guide, you'll see the island's twin lakes of Veliko and Malo, including a scenic boat trip across to the famous 12th-century Benedictine monastery on St. Mary's Island. Set within Veliko Jezero (Great Lake), this historical gem invites history enthusiasts to delve into Mljet's rich past. After the tour, use your time to explore hiking and cycling trails, relax in one of the cafés in peaceful Pomena, or take a swim before it's time to return to Korčula in the afternoon.

Day 5: Ferry to Hvar, Scenic Island Cycling Tour

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (5)

Bid Korčula farewell as you catch a 90-minute morning ferry to Hvar, the most popular island in Dalmatia. Hvar draws visitors for its natural setting, mild climate, and its historic town of the same name. On arrival, check into your hotel and get ready for a half-day private cycling excursion across the island terrain, from vineyard-covered hills and thick olive groves to fragrant fields of rosemary and lavender. Transfer to ancient Stari Grad, where you'll see the town's hidden corners and back streets, then cross one of the world's best-preserved examples of ancient Greek agriculture on the surrounding plain.

Stop at a family-owned vineyard for a tasting, then pedal toward one of the most beautiful inlets of the Adriatic—Vrboska. This small fishing village is located in a deep-set inlet and interconnected by numerous bridges—it will surely remain one of the most beautiful memories of your Hvar vacation. Continue through dense pine forests and Mediterranean island scenery to Jelsa, where you'll stop for a cup of coffee in the relaxing ambience of the main square. Finally, return to Stari Grad for dinner at a traditional konoba restaurant.

Day 6: Sail to Vis, Half-Day Speedboat Excursion

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (6)

This morning, you'll set sail for the small, nearby island of Vis. After breakfast, depart from Hvar Port for a leisurely sail to the quiet island. You'll land in Vis Town, where you can check into your hotel before meeting your next skipper for a half-day private speedboat excursion. Start with a visit to some of the dramatic sea caves scattered on the neighboring island of Biševo. Continue to the nearby island of Ravnikand discover the famous Green Cave, where you can swim inside to see the green light beam refract on the sea's surface.

After, visit Stiniva Bay. The entire bay is surrounded by huge limestone walls, which form a narrow entrance to the beautiful pebble beach. Next comes Mezoporat Bay, where you'll switch to a small boat that takes you inside the Blue Cave, where mesmerizing iridescent blue waters await. Finally, stop by Monk Seal Cave, where the Mediterranean monk seal used to reside. You'll disembark in the village of Komiža, wave goodbye to your skipper, and enjoy dinner before taking a private land transfer back to Vis Town.

Day 7: Vis Island Discovery Tour

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (7)

Vis is a Croatian paradise that has long remained a well-kept secret. You'll find out more about its closed-off history with a half-day private tour of the island. Meet your guide and hear ancient history and modern stories about the island as you explore important sights in a Land Rover. Vis was strategically significant in the Adriatic and was fought over in many naval battles. After World War II, it became a military base to which access was strictly controlled—it was not until 1991 that the island opened to foreign visitors.

On the tour, you'll visit Tito's Cave, the island's highest peak, the former RAF airport and cricket field in Plisko Polje, the George III Fort above Vis Town, a former military base at Parja, and the infamous submarine tunnel of Jastog (Lobster). When you return to town, you'll venture further back in history as you explore the remains of a Greek cemetery and the archaeological site of the Roman baths that date back to the first and second centuries CE.

Day 8: Ferry to Split, Afternoon Croatian Food Tour

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (8)

After breakfast, board a ferry for the two-hour transfer back to the mainland. You'll land in Split, a dynamic and ancient coastal city founded 1,700 years ago by Roman Emperor Diocletian. Today, its UNESCO-protected Old Town is set within the walls of the expansive Diocletian's Palace, one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in the world. Every step you take here is walking through history as you trundle along the massive stone pavers that once were the halls of the Emperor's palace.

On this afternoon's two-hour food tour, you'll see life in Split through the eyes of a local while learning about its history and tasting your way around the city center. Meet your guide in front of the Split Green Market, and set off for a short walk through Diocletian's Palace to a great restaurant known for its handmade macaruni pasta, which you'll pair with glasses of local wine from southern Croatia. Try delicious Croatian prosciutto and cheeses, then taste homemade soparnik pie, a local specialty. Taste flavorful local olive oils, then visit another charming restaurant for seafood specialties with a glass of wine.

Day 9: Full-Day Brač Island Tour

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (9)

This morning, board a 90-minute ferry bound for the port town of Bol on Brač, the largest of the Dalmatian islands. On arrival, you'll meet a local guide, and they'll share great insights into the local culture and traditions as you explore charming towns, villages, and landscapes with a vintage Land Rover. Start with the Olive Oil Museum in Skript village, where you'll taste local produce and learn about olive growing and oil production.

Then, visit a local stone quarry, where the island's famous white stone is sourced (used for iconic structures such as Diocletian's Palace, the White House, and Liverpool Cathedral). Enjoy lunch at a local vineyard near Bol, then spend some free time at the famous Zlatni Rat (also known as Golden Horn)—perhaps the most photographed beach in all of Croatia. After, you'll visit Vidova Gora, the highest point in all of Croatia. Soak up panoramic views across the Adriatic Sea, then make the journey back to the ferry port via quaint fishing villages. Return to Split in time for dinner along the seafront Riva.

Day 10: Depart Split

Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (10)

It's your final morning in Croatia, so if you have time, there's still plenty left to explore. You might like to visit the famous Bačvice Beach, walk to Marjan Park, or follow the long steps to Telegrin—the highest peak of Marjan with a panoramic view of the city. Stroll along Split's Riva promenade one last time to admire the views over the Adriatic before a private driver collects you for a short 45-minute drive to the airport. Safe travels!

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Island Hopping on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast- 10 Days (2024)
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