Australia's top 50 savoury baking recipes (2024)

This cheesy slice keeps well making it the perfect cook-ahead lunch box filler. Serve it alongside a fresh autumn salad and you'll have a meal that is not only delicious, but quick and easy to make, too!

A muffin with oodles of cheesy-flavour and perfect packed for a picnic or fresh-from-the-oven.

We've taken classic ham and cheese impossible quiche and cooked it in a Kmart pie maker, perfect for lunchboxes or as an after-school snack.

A roast dinner just doesn’t feel complete without a pile of Yorkshire puddings on the table. They’re a favourite part of a Sunday roast meal, and the last one is always fought over in my house. Despite ‘pudding’ being in the name, this baked savoury side is not a dessert!Why is this my favourite Yorkshire pudding recipe?While some recipes call for the addition of fat, such as beef drippings, this recipe is my favourite because it’s made using a basic mix of flour, egg and milk, so even your vegetarian friends can enjoy soaking up the flavours of whichever meal you decide to make alongside them!Serve them alongside a this great roast beef recipe, try our giant Yorkshire pudding pizza recipe, or make another UK classic: toad in the hole.

Our most-loved zucchini slice recipe everWhile the argument as to what is Australia’s national dish will always rage (is it roast lamb, green chicken curry or a barramundi burger)? One thing is for sure, zucchini slice is hands-down the national food of the home cook.Your lamb, barra and curry may turn up on the menu of a restaurant, but our favourite savoury slice never will. It’s too humble. It just moseys its way into lunch boxes, dinners and even canapes. There’s a reason zucchini slice is’s most popular recipe of all time - it’s simpler than a quiche, tastier than an omelette, and it just works.Why this is our favourite zucchini slice recipeThis particular zucchini slice recipe is without doubt the best we’ve tasted (and we’ve tried a lot over the years). Originally submitted by Artarmon Public School in Sydney, it not only has the endorsem*nts of more than 1,000 reviewers, but it’s also been tasted by school kids and the taste team’s tough food critics alike.It manages to pack a big flavour and protein punch with just a handful of ingredients - eggs, zucchini, bacon, cheese and a few other staples - proving it’s totally possible to make a meal that can feed a whole family from pretty much nothing.Tips for making the best zucchini sliceWant to get the best results from this recipe? When we make this zucchini slice (and between us we must've made it hundreds of times) we always ensure we squeeze out the moisture from the zucchini really well to prevent the slice turning out too moist or stodgy. Check out the notes at the bottom of this recipe for more no-fail tips on getting the best results.Want to change up your zucchini slice? Our vegetarian zucchini slice recipe is a great option if you're going meat-free. We've also got plenty of recipe ideas for zucchini slice with a twist to help you experiment with ingredients and flavours.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Classic quiche lorraine is great served as a starter snack or part of dinner.

These tasty tuna patties make a great after school snack for the kids.

Taste member 'katebatty' shares her very popular homemade sausage rolls recipe. There are few things greater than golden brown sausage rolls encased in flaky puff pastry, especially when accompanied by tomato sauce or a tomato relish. We love sausage rolls. Whenever sausage rolls are present at a picnic or gathering, our willpower is put to the test.What makes these sausage rolls recipe the ‘best-ever’?It all starts with the choice of meat filling. The combination of veal, pork and sausage meat is what makes these sausage rolls extra juicy, flavour-packed and moist.The addition of tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce (for extra flavour) and herbs creates the perfect balance of sweet, salty and umami. The carrot, garlic, and onion act as a flavour-base that adds a depth of flavour to the filling to our sausage rolls. Plus, these sausage rolls are a cinch to make, just mix all ingredients in a bowl and you’re ready to roll! Of course, a swathing of egg wash over the puff pastry makes for a crisp, flaky finish and a very good sausage roll. Once you've added the egg wash (just lightly brush it over the unbaked sausage roll tops), you can always sprinkle on some poppy seeds or sesame seeds to finish.These sausage rolls are a favourite among the team, and our members are raving about them too. One reviewer even said “they are the best sausage rolls I have ever tasted.” Have these morsels of flakey deliciousness ready to bake and serve at any moment. They can be frozen for up to one month, just place puff pastry wrapped unbaked sausage rolls between sheets of non-stick baking paper, in a single layer, and store in an airtight container. And, you can make them into mini sausage rolls for the ideal party food offering or afternoon treat.And, while you're baking, why not whip up a golden batch of these cheesy vegetarian sausage rolls, or these lamb and harissa sausage rolls.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Ah, damper… How much more Australian can you get? This traditional Australian bread was historically cooked by drovers and stockmen over an open fire while on long cattle drives, but now you can cook our damper recipe in the comfort of your own home. Lucky you!Why is this our best easy damper recipe?Our version of damper has a dense, chewy texture that is balanced out by a slightly crispy crust. It’s great to pair with savoury dishes or can be enjoyed on its own with a dollop of butter. In our opinion though, the best way to enjoy this bread is just like the drovers did way back when… with golden syrup poured all over it!Once you've mastered the art of making damper at home, you might like to try this oat cheese-filled damper, pizza damper, sweet potato and chive damper, barbecue dampers on a skewer with spring butter, and these mini sea salt and herb dampers.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams, Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Make a batch of these tasty vegemite and cheese scrolls and take the hassle out of packing a healthy lunch-box.

My most memorable frittata experience was in Florence. Wandering through the streets I found a little hole-in-the-wall lunch place that had lines of frittata-stuffed panini on display. With just a lick of mayo and a sprinkling of rocket, I continued my journey, thinking this was the most inspired sandwich ever! I’ve been playing around with frittata recipes ever since and I’ve hit payload with this baked frittata recipe. It’s a chunky, cheesy, protein hit.Why is this such a great, easy frittata recipe?In this easy frittata recipe, the potato provides the carbs making it a nice, filling dinner and I love the fact that I can adapt it depending on what’s in my fridge. As long as I have eggs and cheese I’m set to go. What I also love about this frittata recipe is that it’s baked. That means the oven takes care of it rather than me having to tend to it on the stove top. And the leftovers from this baked frittata recipe are perfect for lunch, served in a panini if the mood takes you! It's absolutely delicious. You can enjoy this easy recipe served immediately, fresh and hot, serve warm, or at room temp. Leftovers make an enticing healthy breakfast too.Though we have a feeling this is the only frittata recipe you'll want to use from now on, if you love a basic frittata recipe, try our best frittata variations, including our favourite mini frittatas, this salmon frittata, our better-for-you frittata and this healthy frittata traybake.

With a crisp and golden pastry encasing a creamy chicken and vegetable filling, our country chicken pie is a firm family favourite, especially when the weather turns chilly.When the weather starts to cool, my thoughts turn to pies – in every style, shape and form. While there’s some pretty stiff competition from a beery beef, classic shepherds or potato-topped fish pie, there’s something about that thick creamy sauce and small bites of just-cooked chicken that makes my heart skip a beat. And I haven’t even mentioned the buttery flaky pastry yet. We here at, we love our chicken pies so much we have over 100 recipes in our chicken pie recipes collection. There really is a chicken pie recipe for every occasion.Why is this our best chicken pie recipe?Of the many wonderful things about this country chicken pie recipe, is that despite its rich creamy taste, it deceptively only uses one-quarter of a cup of cream, with the rest of the sauce made from full-flavoured chicken stock. It’s also a great make-ahead recipe and can be cooked straight from frozen.Use this traditional chicken pie recipe as a blueprint. Swap around the vegetables to your family’s liking. Swap the capsicum for some mushrooms or skip the chopped veggies completely and swap for chunks of just-steamed coliban potatoes.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Australia's top 50 savoury baking recipes (2024)
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